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Wait, that’s my name?

Students in Miss Prudden’s class were treated to a visit from a very special guest. Miss Rodriguez teaches in South Korea at Yuchon Elementary School in the village of Gandong-Myeon in the Gangwon-do province.  Yuchon Elementary School is located in an agricultural village that is a 4-hour bus ride from Seoul. Miss Rodriguez and Miss Prudden met while studying education at Saint Xavier University and have been friends ever since. Due to a different school calendar, Miss Rodriguez is on “Summer Break” and was excited to stop by for a visit to Miss Prudden’s class. Miss Rodriguez taught the students about what school is like for kids in South Korea. In addition to learning about Korean Education, the students also learned about Korean Culture making a Traditional Korean Fan called a Buchaechum and how to properly greet and say goodbye to people. A highlight for the students was learning how to write their names in Korean. Miss Prudden’s class wants to say thank you to Miss Rodriguez for coming in and teaching them about Korean culture and education. Check out some photos from the visit.