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5th-Grade Fundraising Activities

Three homerooms have joined together to plan a week long fundraising drive in support of hurricane relief. Activities include a Homeroom Competition, selling "Team Southwest Cares" bracelets, a Hurricane Relief Carnival, and a Raffle where the winner gets to "Pie a Staff Member." 100% of the donations will go to a hurricane relief fund.

Activities will run Tuesday (9-19) through Friday (9-22)

Homeroom Competition - Each homeroom will have a collection container in their room for students to donate money. The classroom that collects the most money will win a pizza/movie party.

"Team Southwest Cares" bracelets - Each day during lunch, 5th-Grade students will be selling "Team Southwest Cares" bracelets for $1.

"Pie the Teacher" Raffle - Each day during lunch the students can buy a "Pie the Teacher" raffle ticket for $1.00.


Hurricane Relief Carnival - On Wednesday, September 20th, 5th-grade students will host a carnival for all Southwest students in the gym. Students are to bring a 1$ donation to participate in the carnival.


Friday Assembly - At the end of the day on Friday students will gather in the gym to celebrate the fundraising drive by sharing the total amount raised, announce the winner of the classroom competition, pull the winning raffle ticket, and "Pie the Teacher."