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Southwest Celebrates District PBIS Success

At the beginning of the year, D124 set a goal for 80% of its students to have 0-1 infractions throughout the whole school year. Schools review their behavioral data at least monthly level to look for ways they can support students to consistently follow the 3 B's (Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe). When all the final tallying was done, over 80% of the district was infraction free. The district PBIS team got together to figure out how to celebrate their success. Thanks to the help of some middle school students, a district celebration video was created. All five schools in D124 watch the video at the same time in the afternoon on May 9th. At Southwest, the students then received a treat and headed outside to the playground for a little extra recess. Way to go Southwest. Congrats to Southwest and all of D124 for this fantastic accomplishment. Check out some pictures of the activities below.